Formula D Viewing Party @ Mod Auto 4/11/15

A few weeks back here at the Mod Auto facility, we thought it would be a great idea to have some local enthusiast that couldn’t make it out to Formula D for whatever reason to come down to our place, hang out and just watch some good drifting! We hosted some local FRS members here at our Mod Auto facility.

Mod-auto-FRS-Meet (1)

We had both power plants here in our Mod Auto parking lot, from a stock FA20 all the way to a fully boosted CLEAN FA20

Turbo-FRS (5)
Breaking necks.
Turbo-FRS (8)

This is one of the cleanest BRZ’s I have personally seen and it was in my opinion on point.
Clean-BRZ (2)

Thank you to everyone that came out to our event and stay tuned for others ones as well. Please take a look at the rest of the pictures and enjoy.

Advan-FRS-BRZ (1) Turbo-FRS (12) Turbo-FRS (11) Turbo-FRS (10) Turbo-FRS (9) Turbo-FRS (7)
That coilover set up.
Turbo-FRS (6) Turbo-FRS (4) Turbo-FRS (3)

Enjoy the some more pictures, also check out our flickr link with some others as well: FRS Formula D event.
Turbo-FRS (1) Mod-auto-FRS-Meet (5) Mod-auto-FRS-Meet (4) Mod-auto-FRS-Meet (3) Mod-auto-FRS-Meet (2) Clean-BRZ (5)Clean-BRZ (3) Clean-BRZ (1) Advan-FRS-BRZ (6) Advan-FRS-BRZ (3) FRS BRZ SCION SUBARU MOD AUTO MODBARGAINS


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Thanks for joining us! See you next time.

Story & Photos Bryan.



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