To your average Joe, a car is nothing more than a box with wheels on it that takes you from one place to another. At Mod Bargains & Mod Auto, we understand their true significance. Mods and cars may be temporary, but the relationships built along the way are forever. The rush from the first time you started up your car after changing the exhaust you’d been saving months for, or the excitement of watching a fresh set of wheels and tires touch the floor of the garage for the first time, and knowing the people around you are smiling with you; that’s what car culture is all about.

Mod Auto was created to foster those same feelings 6 days a week, 8 hours a day. When we install a part on a customer’s car, it’s more than just a piece of metal or carbon fiber. We’re installing a feeling, a sensation that our customers get to experience every day they get behind the wheel. We’re just happy to be a part of it.


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New for 2016, we at Mod Auto are proud to present our all new Mod Societies program, designed to reward and thank our most loyal customers for their patronage. The Mod Society program was developed from the same principles at the foundation of our company: making high quality automotive modification affordable and pain free for enthusiasts. Offering 3 distinct levels of membership, we’re certain there’s an option for everyone!

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