About ModAuto

ModAutomotive, or ModAuto for short, was launched in January 2005 by co-founders Mike Brown & Ron Hay. As car enthusiasts modifying their own cars, they understood the car community and saw a demand for a new company that could provide a greater range of products along with competitive pricing and great customer service.

ModAuto has learned a great deal over the years about how to make customers happy with their purchase. Customers want quality products that fit their car and do not cause problems, shipped quickly & accurately to their doorstep with communication from the company they purchased from throughout the process. Starting as a company with a business model of no inventory & only a web store – which is how many companies in the aftermarket parts industry operate (and generally fail), ModAuto has evolved into a much more established company.

Today, ModAuto keeps substantial inventory in their warehouse, quality controls all of the items that come in from its suppliers, refuses to do business with manufacturers that do not provide customer service and quality products, and has a highly trained and experienced sales staff to answer any customer questions. In addition, Mod Auto performs installations on customer vehicles at their shop in Southern California. This has provided extra experience and knowledge that ModAuto passes on to its customers.

These things should not be taken for granted in a vastly scattered industry of companies that usually have only 1-3 employees. ModAuto has the foundation & scale to provide a much better customer service experience than they ever were capable during the start-up phase that most businesses in aftermarket car parts never escape from.

ModAuto maintains a perspective that each conversation with a customer is an opportunity to be a partner with a customer on transforming their vehicle into a faster, better looking version of itself. Every phone call is answered every time, so give them a call today and get what you are looking for.