BMW F32 435 Remus Exhaust Install (Remus-Exhaust-BMW-F30-335i-TD3)

Recently, we had a new BMW F32 435i come into the Mod Auto facility to install the owners new Remus Exhaust axle back for BMW F32 435i  . This Remus axle back is a simple cut and clamp unit that also utilizes the stock OEM exhaust valve on the exhaust, so you do not have any check engine lights or any issues what so ever on the unit. Lets see the tear down:

Stock Exhaust unit
Remus-4series (3)
Now lets remove that unit
Remus-4series (4)Remove the stock Valve with the 10mm wrench and transfer it over to the new unit.
Remus-4series (5)
New Remus muffler section installed without the tips installed
Remus-4series (6)
If your unit sits too low or too high, you can adjust the height with the muffler adjuster 
Remus-4series (7)
Install the tips and BAM 
Remus-4series (8)
Remus-4series (10)
Remus-4series (9)
Beautiful set up on the F32
Remus-4series (2)
Outside in the beautiful California sun, this beast sounds stunning now.
Remus-4series (1)

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Thanks for joining us! See you next time.

Story & Photos Bryan.



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